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Bertram Salter

Bertram Salter

Bertram always watched his mother Olive rear and kill chickens and turkeys at home on a very small scale. As part of Bertram’s Farm Apprenticeship he spent time with Michael Nolan in Wexford who reared turkeys for the Christmas Market. On his return home Bertram contacted some local butchers asking if they would be interested in taking some of his home reared chickens for sale. Some of the butchers agreed and Bertram set about rearing circa thirty chickens every couple of weeks. That was in 1993. Some of those butchers, Michael McAssey in Ballonn and John Crimin in Blessington remain faithful to the product today. Over time Bertram developed an area of the farm to function as a slaughter house. This has now developed into an EU Licensed facility catering for both chickens and turkeys. Bertram has stuck with his philosophy that Free Range tastes better and only Free Range Chickens and Free Range Turkeys are reared on his farm.

Celine Salter

Celine married Bertram in 2004 and was swiftly issued with the responsibility of the office. By 2008 Celine and Bertram had three very small children. Now Margaret Nolan manages the office while Celine focuses her time on project based activities for the business.

Margaret Nolan

Margaret joined Carlow Free Range in January 2012 as Office Manager. Margaret’s pleasant manner and good humour is enjoyed by both the customers and suppliers alike.


Andrew Moskaluk

Andrew joined the Carlow Free Range in the summer of 2007. Andrew has worked up to team leader in the processing facility. Andrew is a valued member of the staff and knows the exact weights that each customer prefers.


Kamil Bajek

Kamil joined Carlow Free Range in 2007. He is a key member of the business and holds responsibility for the rearing of the chickens alongside Bertram. Kamil keeps a vigilant eye on the health and well -being of the birds from day old chickens to the lovely birds that roam freely in our paddocks.